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Morkebla releases new album ‘Ono-Sendai Cyberspace’ on Baroc

Following a pair of quality outings on up-and-coming Slumdiscs and Farbwechsel imprints last year, Italian producer Morkebla now reemerges with his fourth album ‘Ono-Sendai Cyberspace‘, set for release via Cologne-based label Baroc on February 5th.


Named in reference to William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy, the 7-track LP draws its listener into a wired audio-realm draped in vaporous melancholia and slow-falling rain curtains, colliding black-hole orbiting drumwork and elegiac pad overlaps with a sheer sense of force and tranquility.

Under the apparent sheen of Icarus-winged soundscapes rise images of desolate streets and rueful feelings but it’s not an end per se, the album rather much gazing towards higher, more hopeful spheres with unremitting fervor.

Ono-Sendai Cyberspace is released via Baroc on February 5th, pre-order a vinyl copy from Deutsche Asphalt.


A1. RE-2001
A2. Derm
A3. De-Ghost Metalink
B1. Hypnovel
B2. Floor-melting Smileys
B3. ASFR Lover
B4. The Third Place

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