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Name Your Price: Ron Morelli compiles 15-track sampler of beatless music – L​.​I​.​E​.​S. Collection X

The ever dependable Ron Morelli has uploaded a “free or pay what you want” compilation of previously released beatless tracks from the L.I.E.S. archives.

The 15-track sampler aims to “highlight some of the more under the radar cuts we did through the years” and features music from label stalwarts such as Terekke, 45 ACP, Jorge Velez, KWC 92, ADMX, Low Jack, Broken English Club and more. For those of us that are still digesting from the festive holidays, this is an ample compilation to get stuck into.

L​.​I​.​E​.​S. Collection X is available until 1st January 2019, name your price and download a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Krikor – untitled 01
2. 45 ACP – Graveyard Shift
3. Maxx Bass – Untitled
4. Jorge Velez – Tiger Pool
5. Cienfuegos – American Motels
6. 33.10.3402 – (100 drone radio passive scape)
7. S.English – Sanctuary
8. Terekke – Closer
9. Fernando – A Praga
10. KWC 92 – Dreaming of You
11. Hassan – A Dream of Skin
12. ADMX-71 – Mystical Ascent
13. 51717 – Kvevri
14. Low Jack – Punta II
15. Broken English Club – Last Signal

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