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NeXTones unveil first wave of acts to perform within a marble quarry in Northern Italy

Summer is here and festival season is well and truly under way. With so many taking place in July, there’s an abundance to choose from. However it’s not everyday that you come across an electronic music and arts festival held within the grandiose environment of a marble quarry located on the south side of the Alps close to Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy.

Set to take place between 20 – 21 July, the fifth edition of NeXTones will see an intensive programme of cutting edge A/V performances from Bedroom Community co-founder Ben Frost, UK producer Max Cooper and ‘Lumière III’, the audio visual extravaganza from Robert Henke aka Monolake.

Alongside Robert Henke, Friday features local talent Tyler Ov Gaia and a live performance of Petit Singe’s experimental mini-album ‘Akash Ganga‘ on Haunter Records, who we interviewed in 2017. Saturday features the Italian live debut of Gosheven’s new album ‘Bivaq‘ released in April on Opal Tapes, plus two audio visual showcases from Ben Frost and Max Cooper. Hotflush Recordings kingpin Scuba will also perform a DJ set within the quarry.

Alongside music, NeXTones offers a series of daytime experiences ranging from zip-lining, hiking, mountain biking and more. Accommodation ranges from camping to premium and economy bed and breakfast. For those travelling by plane, Malpensa (Milan) is the closest airport. NeXTones is roughly 2 hours by car from Milan.

NeXTones takes place between 20 – 21 July 2018 at Cava La Beola di Monte, Montecrestese, Northern Italy. Tickets range from €25 – €38.

Friday – July 20th

Petit Singe live: Akash Ganga
Robert Henke A/V laser performance: Lumière III * Open-air version
Tyler Ov Gaia DJ set

Saturday – July 21st

Gosheven live: Bivaq * Italian Premiere
Ben Frost A/V live: The Centre Cannot Hold + MFO
Max Cooper A/V live
Scuba DJ set

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