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Nikita Zabelin melds a Trans-Siberian trip for Newtype Rhythms

Our latest addition to the Newtype Rhythms podcast series comes from Russian jack-of-all-trades, Nikita Zabelin. Between juggling a radio show (the venerable Resonance Moscow), a resident for the Arma17 event series and his own productions, the young Muscovite decided to start his own imprint in mid-2017 — X/OZ.

Trans Siberian Express’ is a deeper dive into Zabelin’s creative focus. With tracks like “Pluton” and “Curtains” indulging his melodic tendencies to effective results, surrounded by evocative sound design that stretches to his more heady tracks on the EP (“Confusion” and “Trans Siberian Express“).

While Zabelin has been on the radar for a few years now, more prominently with his contributions to two трип compilations – it’s this release on his own label that begins to show the flexibility and focus that this talent is bound to show more of as his career progresses and thankfully, that goes with his DJing as well.

The guest mix provided from Zabelin is a belter; featuring a broad-spectrum of genres, rhythms and sounds from the likes of Anastasia Kristensen, Blotter Trax, Pinch, and Zabelin himself. His mix starts at around 44 minutes in — with resident Sheepshead providing some spacey warm-up vibes to start things up.

Tran Siberian Express is available for purchase at your local reputable music store. Grab a copy on Juno HERE.


00:00 – 44:36 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Primitive Art – Broken Shells
2. Via Maris – CU2
3. Kowton – Scido
4. Beneath – Soho
5. Airhead – October
6. Charlotte de Witte – Brussels
7. Neinzer – Horus
8. Shed – Lumber Fix TT.
9. Johannes Heil – Gospel Two
10. Szare – Kodiak
11. Detboi – Skin Deep
12. Peder Mannerfelt – Every Day Had A Number

44:37 – END – Mixed by Nikita Zabelin

1. 088 – Spacemaster 2
2. 088 – SW2
3. Martsman – Gryphe
4. Via Maris – Miasma
5. Pinch – Walking With Shadows
6. Cassius Select – Shaolin Soccer
7. Kamikaze Space Programme – RBMK 2
8. Joy O & Ben Vince – Systems Align
9. Anastasia Kristensen – Maxima
10. Current 909 – From The Trenches
11. Grebenstein & Seefried – Wufferfraction
12. Inner Lakes – 8092
13. Shinedoe – Acidploitation
14. Blotter Trax – 2.1
15. Rae – Sleep Rotation
16. Metrist – Auld Flaurist
17. Duckett – Could I Pulverise A Leg
18. Module Werk – Destination Unknown (Jeremiah Mix)
19. Talker – Snub Nose (Broken English Club Remix)
20. Linea Aspera – Malarone
21. Nikita Zabelin – MKAD

Discover more about Nikita Zabelin on Inverted Audio.