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Premiere: A Sacred Geometry – Earendel (Part 1)

Willingly so, very little is known about A Sacred Geometry other than they’re a duo whilst a quick glance at their soundcloud profile reveals Berlin is their home base. Concretely ASG first emerged back in 2015 with ‘Chapter I‘, the first iteration to a series that gives away the pair’s assertive taste for cohesive constructions and extended narratives.

Coming out today, their third studio volume ‘Chapter III‘ follows the same route as its predecessors, laying out scopious blends of linear techno and dubbed-out organic textures tinged with a fine ambient lean. Capturing textured soundscapes and progressive build-ups within deeply cinematic sequences, ASG’s new EP seeks to expand its vision and impact beyond mere floor-friendly aptitudes as it echoes way beyond its initial frame of action.

Streaming in full through our channel is the B-side opener and diptych first section ‘Earendel (Part 1)‘. Certainly the most vaporous cut of the package, the track fits somewhere between the heartrending frailty of Pantha Du Prince compositions and Efdemin’s aery 4/4 rollers. Subtle drums and delayed hats beat a delicate hypnotic stomp but the pad scrim’s radiance and reverb depth win the day here.

Chapter III is released via A Sacred Geometry on 27th January, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno


A1. Atheres
A2. Nineveh
B1. Earendel (Part 1)
B2. Earendel (Part 2)

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