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Premiere: Abu AMA – Kufi Wood Art

Following our review of Seekersinternational’s debut album ‘LoversDedicationStation‘ on Bokeh Versions, today the imprint share more outernational transmissions from the fringes of dub music courtesy of Abu AMA’s debut album ‘Arabxo Ishara‘.

Abu AMA lives in West-Germany and can often be found teaching local refugees English at the weekends. ‘Arabxo Ishara‘ follows up his releases on New York based darkwave collective Hexx 9 Records. After some discussion he sent over almost 500 demos to Bokeh Versions: “pick some” he said.

Arabxo Ishara‘ interweaves dubwise tales of Turkish traditional song, sufi ghosts, Syrian locked grooves and Indonesian field recordings. Snatches of UK pub talk strung together with rumbles of sub bass add to the disorientating lack of place – wherever you are, you’re arriving here for the first time.

Today we present Abu AMA’s ambient soundscape ‘Kufi Wood Art‘, the seventh track from the album, effortlessly eschewing beats for a more timbral affair of woodwind and downtempo electronica.

Arabxo Ishara is scheduled for release 22nd August 2016, order a cassette or digital copy from Bandcamp.


1. Efendi Remix
2. Pashmak
3. B!n Ladens Funeral Fiesta
4. Tired in Istambul
5. Back in England
6. Aramazd
7. Kufi Wood Art
8. Sleep Well in Jakarta (short version)

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