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Premiere: AK-One – The Fjord

Now on the cusp of their tenth release, Bristol-based imprint Common Ancestors prepare to release the eleven-track ‘Nothing Grows In A Straight Line‘ LP – courtesy of label head honcho AK-One.

Following previous releases on British imprint Comma Traxx and his own imprint Common Ancestors, ‘Nothing Grows In A Straight Line‘ marks the first album from AK-One. Spread across eleven vaporous lullabies, the release features monsoon ambient soundscapes, braindance symphonies, downtempo ballads and fourth world kryptonite.

Our pick for the premiere is ‘The Fjord‘ – a soundtrack for early morning sunbeams illuminating pristine cheekbones. With a combination of digital mantras and acoustic echoes, AK-One broadcasts grateful thoughts through contemplative ambient melodies and layered lightheaded guitars.

‘Nothing Grows In A Straight Line’ LP is scheduled for release on 5th April via Common Ancestors. Order a cassette copy from Bandcamp.


1. The Fjord
2. To Dust
3. Imaginarium
4. Rain
5. Horseshoe
6. Sanctuary
7. Trailfinder
8. Still There
9. Highwater
10. Surging
11. Floating Stones