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Premiere: Aloka – Movement

Cardiff label Typeless come forward with ‘Inta‘, a fluid and fast-moving EP featuring four nimble cuts blending breakbeat, electro and ambient, served by label head Aloka.

After their fourth ‘Phalanx‘ release — a Name Your Price package featuring music from acts such as KETTAMA and Tred — ‘Inta‘, which will also have a vinyl release, showcases a clearly defined mood: introspective dancing, focused on melody and groove, rather than banging floor material for late nights.

Whilst combining the worlds of breakbeat, ambient and electro is perhaps a road well-trodden, Aloka shows a certain knack for it. Our highlight, ‘Movement‘, does quite nicely what it says on the tin: gliding between the aforementioned genres with liquid ease, Aloka steers us from a warm ambient intro towards crafty breaks, punctured by a gliding synth lead that connects the parts into a cohesive whole. Tactile dance music for raising energies.

‘Inta’ is scheduled for release 22 August via Typeless. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Inta
2. B4-XL
3. Chroma
4. Movement