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Premiere: AWB ‘Ecliptic’ (Original Mix) + (Shlømo x Antigone Remix)

Today sees the release of French producer Adrien Ozouf aka AWB‘s debut solo effort ‘Celestial Longitude‘ EP via Paris-based imprint Taapion Records, the label he co-runs with fellow 4/4 navigators PVNV and Shlømo.

Taking the helm for Taapion’s fifth individual instalment, AWB steps in with two cold-blooded stormers ready to deal out floor justice badman style. On the flip, label companions PVNV and Shlømo team up with Concrete resident Antigone for two special deliveries of hefty kick-talk and textured mind-loops.

We’re glad to stream AWB’s ‘Ecliptic‘ cut in full, in both original form and nerve-racking revamp, courtesy of in vogue double-trouble Shlømo and Antigone.

If the initial mix obeys to a rather straightforward groove, relying on an unforgiving stomping template and warehouse-sized sound box, the rework offers a tauter dive through organic-inflected mantles with an epic last stretch by way of extended climax. Not for the faint of heart.

Celestial Longitude EP is released via Taapion on February 16th, order a vinyl copy from Clone.


A1. Celestial Longitude (Original Mix)
A2. Ecliptic (Original mix)
B1. Celestial Longitude (PVNV Remix)
B2. Ecliptic (Shlømo x Antigone Remix)

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