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Premiere: BD1982 – Artificial Avalanche

Tokyo-based label Diskotopia head into their tenth year of releasing music with a special LP from co-founder BD1982, entitled ‘Distance Vision‘.

The label’s decade of releases is peppered with material from BD1982, often taking the form of uniquely distilled club genres that are touched by individuality. But, while the preceding material certainly hits the spot for rowdier adventures, ‘Distance Vision‘ immediately sets itself apart as something remarkable even within the prolific producer’s broad catalogue.

Eschewing bass-propelled music for a natural and organic palette, the album breezes along a meandering course that sits somewhere a little closer to the acid psychedelia of the previous century. Swelling with experimentation and innovation, the album has an apparent ability to manipulate and unform chronology, wrapping around the listener in an enveloping shroud from start to finish.

Artifical Avalanche‘ is the first step into BD1982’s world. The glitching sounds of electronic instruments unfolds swiftly into augmented Americana; bluesy guitar gilding unruly percussion with that distinct feeling of solitude and peace. As the piece progresses, that guitar remains the only clear-cut element, carrying the sunken vocals and pattering drums until all blurs into a smokey miasma. The influence of electronic music is there, but you could be forgiven if you’d thought this was lifted from a long-lost tape found in a dusty collection of shoegaze somewhere far off the main road.

‘Distance Vision’ is scheduled for release 12 February via Diskotopia. Order a copy from Bandcamp


2. Artificial Avalanche
3. Enter
4. Running
6. Order of the Golden Fang
7. Made of Light
8. Anima Migration
9. Glide Level
10. Cascading Titans