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Premiere: Casino Times – Ultra Synthetic

Over the past decade, Casino Times have worked relentlessly on deep frequencies, releasing their debut LP through Wolf Music in 2016, two EP’s via Omena Records in 2017 and 2018, plus a series of hand stamped 12-inches through their own imprint Casino Edits. Now the production duo mark their return to the Stockholm-based label in May with their second studio album.

Spanning 10 tracks, ‘A Change In Motion’ explores the many chasms of electronica, breakbeat and house, replete with bubbling analogue modulations, plus an overarching sense that the duo are at one with their machines. Our pick from the album is ‘Ultra Synthetic‘ – complete with scintillating ethereal pads, snappy drum work and an incredibly infectious acid bass line, the track reaches new heights at the 4 minute mark.

‘A Change In Motion’ is scheduled for release 27 May via Omena Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp. Casino Times celebrate the release of the album at the Love Shack in East London on 27 May. Info.


1. A Change In Motion
2. Tweak (Feat Cimmerii)
3. Passing By
4. End Of Civilisation
5. Square
6. Ultra Synthetic
7. Something Else (Feat DUANE)
8. Unfold
9. Run Mods
10. Tides