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Premiere: Catartsis – Les mers intimes

Berlin-based record label ygam prepare to drop their tenth release in the form of a 4-track EP from French producer Catartsis.

Dotted with acoustic pleasures, Catartsis’ work eschews straightforward sound creation in favour of unique composition and kinetic acoustic-electronic hybrids. Despite clear aversion to simplistic or overused sound construction, Catartsis wraps new constructs into a pattern and overall texture that remains resulting in a pack of very danceable tracks that slot into modern approaches of techno.

Les mers intimes‘ is a prime example of how accessible the EP is to moving feet, despite the efforts to make this a unique and forward-thinking track. Dense rhythms blur into cohesion and clarity, as a thrumming bassline keeps the energy high into the red throughout.

Sombre, l’égoïque’ is scheduled for release 13 October via ygam. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Lumbricina
2. Les mers intimes
3. Tentation soudaine
4. À moitié plein