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Premiere: Dima Disk – Rolla

If you’re familiar with high-end skate brands Palace and Bronze’s choppy VHS-era revering videos, there’s good chances you’ve come across Dima Disk‘s music without knowing it. When the two boardriding crews teamed up for the special ‘Paramount‘ collab two years ago, the mysterious aura enveloping the duo was still a matter of guesses, eventually revealing as the joint venture of Glaswegian head Ragnar and Tallinn’s seminal Lekker club resident Robert Nikolajev.

After appearing in the aforementioned video, their rusty shuffler ‘Casino‘ came out via the Estonian imprint Porridge Bullet in 2016, preparing the ground for their debut solo EP, ‘Fetty‘, released last year via Glasgow’s Rubadub. Streaming in full over our channels today is the dust-clogged, dopey house melter ‘Rolla‘. A Janus-faced slice of pulsating electronics melding rattling percs, heavy tape saturation and seesawing nostalgic pads, the track slowly lifts off its murky puddle to reach unsoiled aerial pinnacles with the lightest of touch. Still a few copies to snag, don’t sleep!

Fetty is out now, order a copy from Phonica.


A1. Rolla
A2. Gelbaderte
B1. Loosie
B2. Fetty

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