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Premiere: El Nino Diablo – Dithering Heights

For a label that is only on its third release, El Nino Diablo Music has already established a strong identity. Currently an outlet for the titular El Nino Diablo, a Berlin based artist who is blending strands of the club world with a blend of organic and electronic instrumentation, it comes adored with the vivid imagery of Tobias Jacobsen and striking work of director Adam Munnings.

The latest release ‘Dreamweaving‘ – like many others – is a product of April 2020’s pandemic lockdown, and reflects the sudden introversion thrust upon us. Both ‘Dorotheas Rainbow‘ and ‘D-Louche‘ marry off-kilter rhythms, that are both dub infused and nervously skittish, with dewy pads and a hypnagogic atmosphere.

The closing piece of the EP is a fourteen and a half minute ambient work that drifts between foggy pads and drizzling wooden percussion, and you can check it out right here.

‘Dreamweaving’ is scheduled for release 16 April via El Nino Diablo Music. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Dorothea’s Rainbow
2. D-Louche
3. Dithering Heights
4. Dreamweaving feat. Doroteja