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Premiere: Fer Franco – Asumir Forma

Born in the land of the eternal spring and currently based in Mexico City, the maverick producer Fer Franco delivers a six-track short-length vamoose.

Over the years of composing and touring with Guatemalan musician Mabe Fratti and alt-rock outfit Cosmos Collapse, Fer Franco has developed into a multi-instrumental mastermind conducting krautrock experiments and techno delirium intermingled with curtains of snugging ambient. As a result, his sophomore album, ‘Ritos De Paso‘, is nothing less than a step closer to Tikal’s hazy glory.

Our pick from the album is ‘Asumir Forma’ thanks to its prominence adventure on the obscure exoplanet TrES-2b. Featuring gqom-esque percussions, interplanetary cellos and spell-binding frequencies recorded on the ARP String Ensemble, the supreme commander traverses confidently into the dark matter for a proper braindance tornado.

‘Ritos De Paso’ is scheduled for release on 9th February. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ya No Vivo Aquí (ft. Mabe Fratti & I.La Católica)
2. Otras Voces (ft. Gary Burton).
3. Asumir Forma (ft. Mabe Fratti & I.La Católica)
4. Eliminar Lo Innecesario (ft. Mabe Fratti & I.La Católica)
5. Tu Señal (ft. Mabe Fratti)
6. Nunca Termina (ft. Patrick McGauran & Gary Burton)