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Premiere: Fera – Funeral Flute

London-via-Canada based Maple Death Records drill deep into the dark ‘n’ stormy mood percolating this February with their debut tape from Southern Italian artist Fera.

Dating back to 2008-2010, the archival release of ‘Stupidamutaforma’ displays a body of work from an artist clearly capable of mapping diverse genres to create full and varied soundscapes: binding crepuscular minimal synth with methodical, rolling techno tropes.

Our premiere, ‘Funeral Flute’, pulls the shroud of winter closer about itself — a cut of dark magic that fits like a glove to overcast days, wild winds and lashing rains. Insistent, the treacle-thick bassline oozes out, soaking the space between the melancholic synth lines. Scurrying modular-esque whirrings pass overhead, giving the track a club-ready push of energy without detracting from the isolationist sensibilities.

‘Stupidamutaforma’ is out 21 February on cassette and digital formats. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Stupida
2. Compress Depress
3. Caliber Harp
4. Yung Leaf
5. Muta
6. Decline Harvest
7. Carefucker
8. Circadian Harp
9. Cura
10. Funeral Flute
11. Forma

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