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Premiere: Franck Gérard – 146 Arcades

Record store, label, independent structure with a host of exciting projects underway… you’d have a hard time drumming Groovedge Records in the usual shelves and boxes neurotic collectors and inflexible purists have taken so much time to raise out of nowhere. Yet, no matter what you call them, one thing’s sure – the Lyon-based platform has been a key player in the capital of Gaul’s steady rise to prominence over the last few years.

After releases by local prospects L.B. aka Labat, Emeline XIII and the brilliant Sentiments who contributed a solid number in our mix series a few weeks ago, Groovedge get back to the root with their third vinyl delivery courtesy of in-house talent Franck Gérard. Responsible for the label’s inaugural tape ‘TBK‘ in 2015, Gérard eventually steps up with his debut solo 12″, ‘Ambios‘, and we couldn’t be more happy to share the first extract off this stunner with you today.

Sitting on the B-side of the record, ‘146 Arcades‘ is a chimey and sensuous drift into ethereal dreamscapes. Nicely offset by a flock of textured, hip-hop-infused drums, the track’s crystalline arpeggios glide seamlessly – like spores being spread through a vibrant sonic humus, a riveting ballet of dust particles dancing in the thickness of a late summer in the woods – bearing the kind of snug, pain-killing serenity that shall alleviate all wintery torments effortlessly. A thing of beauty.

Ambios is released via Groovedge Records on 12th January 2018, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp and Chez Emile.


A1. Pontarlier
A2. A4. Papier-Feutre
A3. Lavoir de Tuiles
B1. AmbioIn’Vapr
B2. 146 Arcades
B3. Smother Savior

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