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Premiere: Fred Mann – Welcoming The Familiar Dream

Following news of Fred Mann‘s debut album release on Counterchange in June, today we focus on ‘Welcoming The Familiar Dream‘ – a pensive ambient work composed of lucid dreamscapes and visceral electronica.

Spanning 12 tracks, ‘In Thy Domain’ aligns with contemporary scientific knowledge, drawing inspiration from the tipping points of human civilisation and the defining timelines that have shaped mankind.

Produced over a period of 5 years – each track on the album is complemented by a series of artworks and scrapbook images, visible in the vinyl gatefold, connecting each track to its corresponding era.

In the case of ‘Welcoming The Familiar Dream‘ – the 10th track on the album – the timeline stretches many millennia into the future, where humans eschew mortality by living within their unlimited lucid dreams. The result is a heart-wrenching composition, shimmering with celestial sentiment and an underlying melancholia.

‘In Thy Domain’ is scheduled for release on 2 June via Counterchange. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store.


A1. Cometh
A2. Gate
A3. Remains
B1. The Plains
B2. Abundance
B3. Fuming
C1. What A Pity
C2. Horizon
C3. Ease
D1. Welcoming The Familiar Dream
D2. Zenith
D3. Entropics