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Premiere: Ground Tactics – New Earth

Ground Tactics is an electronic music composer with a knack for creating soothing music, gleaned from his personal interest in healing frequencies and sound therapy. We first heard him on Midgar’s sublabel, Midgar Sands, and now the musician prepares to reveal his self-released album, ‘New Earth (Original Soundtrack)‘.

The music might be missing a visual counterpart, to fulfil the title’s promise of a soundtrack, but the subtle misdirection here grants generous artistic presence: life itself becomes the subject of the film, and Ground Tactics’ music a beautiful accompaniment. Gentle synthwork is the bread and butter, with each note seeming to hit the perfect frequencies to engender emotion and feeling to the music.

If the OST label irks you in any way, know that the title of ‘New Earth‘ (and each composition’s own titling, too) doesn’t miss a beat — the album is clearly inspired by astral wondering, incurring a tangible sense of searching for a new home, and loving the journey to find it.

Our selection is ‘New Earth’, the track which lends the album its name. A meandering performance of high-frequency synths, vividly glistening like surface water sighted from outer space, brings in a deeper, more pensive line, which gradually builds to become the main act, always in tandem with the shimmer of the first notes. Ambient music, direct to the heart and mind.

‘New Earth (Original Soundtrack)’ is scheduled for release 11 September. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Morning Star
2. Celestial Body
3. Interacting Simulation
4. Reorder Perception
5. Presence (WIthout)
6. Original Contact
7. HIgh Flutter
8. Presence (Within)
9. New Earth
10. Through Our Eyes
11. Omnipresence