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Premiere: Ikpathua – Oboo (Machine Woman Art Rework)

Best things always come in threes and so does the upcoming release on Noorden; after a stellar debut two years ago, UK producer Ikpathua returns to the Cologne-based imprint with an obscure EP titled ‘Oboo’, including three cuts of dubbed out techno kicks and rustling leftfield tonalities.

The cherry on top of this explosive combo is Machine Woman, known for her eclectic approach to downtempo electronics inspired by late night listening sessions, tricky Tinder encounters and melancholic fiction movies. The inescapable magnetism between Noorden and the Russian artist materialises in two eclectic mixes of the title track.

Our premiere ‘Machine Woman Art Rework‘ is the ambient version of Oboo in juxtaposition with the rhythmic glitches of the ‘Machine Woman Remix‘. A vaporous melody wraps the track with a pearly-dreamy feeling, lacquered with binding stripped down bass synths and Anastasia’s voice murmuring Russian spells.

‘Oboo’ is released via Noorden on 05th July 2017. Pre-order your copy on Bandcamp


A2.Oboo (Machine Woman Remix)
A3.Oboo (Machine Woman Art Rework)
B1.Unseen (feat. Paterson)
B2.Forest Echoes

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