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Premiere: Imre Kiss & Norwell – Motor City Dreams

Fresh on the heels of his latest, most excellent 12″ for Lobster Theremin offshoot Mörk, ‘Strangers‘, Budapest-based producer Imre Kiss is back with the inaugural outing of his new imprint Crisis – ‘Ad Astra‘, a five-tracker made in collaboration with fellow Hungarian space traveller Norwell.

Looking to establish a label that will “continue to be synonymous with progressive electronica“, Kiss and Norwell here begin the journey in top gear, dishing out a vibrant sample of their kosmische-indebted electro blends. Bridging the gap between Detroit’s dystopian urban scapes and the outerspacey idealism of the Berlin school, the pair combine raucous, hi-tek machine funk a la Dopplereffekt with a sense of otherworldly abstraction that would sure do Klaus Schulze proud.

Our premiere ‘Motor City Dreams‘ sits right in line with Kiss and Norwell’s core themes, as they aim at exploring the confines between “tension and release, dystopia and utopia, past and future“. Undoubtedly the most emotionally engaging cut of the package, the track races and trepidates across a dense nostalgic haze on automatic pilot, while the synthesis of Imre Kiss’ melodic savoir-faire and Norwell’s signature uptempo drives does the rest. Elon Musk approves this message.

Ad Astra is released via Crisis on 13th July, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Tempel 1
A2. Ad Astra
A3. Motor City Dreams
B1. Alpha Hertz
B2. Density Waves

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