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Premiere: Inês Duarte & Mauno Koivisto – Rua Da Alegria

Portuguese outfit Elberec celebrate their first year of releasing music with an 18-track compilation marking their fifth release, comprised of tracks from little-known artists from the country.

Sprawling over just about every dancefloor-oriented genre under the sun, from highly-strung techno for dark rooms to blistering electro and beyond, the compilation aims to support and strike light on producers that haven’t seen as much exposure as they perhaps deserve.

Inês Duarte and Mauno Koivisto’s track ‘Rua Da Alegria‘ shows the lighter side to the compilation with a cheerful beat descended from house. Sun-licked without overstepping into contrived territory, the meandering track sits just right at this time of year: featuring plenty of bubbly energy and glinting vocals, this one is just the pick-up you needed.

‘Elberec005’ is scheduled for release 18 December via Elberec. Order a copy from Bandcamp. 


1. Augen – Lingering Flames
2. Rita Maomenos – The road of self destruction
3. VOX99 – Dubby
4. Backbone – Ryfast
5. Jesterr – Prelúdio
6. Diana Oliveira – Trapshiva
7. PR1Z3M4N – Malaicas
8. 2JACK4U – Diplacusis binauralis
9. Dystopic L. – Mental Disorder
10. Inês Duarte & Mauno Koivisto – Rua da Alegria
11. Lunnar Lhamas – Lições Práticas de Dança
12. Cassulle – Mathilda´s Lullaby
13. Tryängle – Why Not
14. Valody & Brusca – Varuska
15. zxzx – Exit Setup
16. Delafex – Assepsia
17. Sathurnus – Elbetreck
18. zero_one – Space