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Premiere: Jamaica Suk – Drumtaktics

Comprising of 22 tracks released on 4 x 12” vinyl and digital, complete with an accompanying hour-and-twenty-minute mix, Inland’s ‘Stream State‘ is a diverse exploration of techno as it stands at this moment, with contributions from Efdemin, Peter Van Hoesen, Sophia Saze, Rhyw, and newcomers Fred Mann and Arbitrage.

Jamaica Suk’s formidable “Drumtaktics” is a perfect offering from the compilation. Both austere and animalistic; the restraint in her use of minimal components serves to heighten the energy and tension rather than control it.

The Berlin-based deejay is decisive and authoritative: a dark, boiling bassline creates a hallucinatory cavern, rife with reverberating shards and buttressed by — of course — one hell of a percussion suite. Built for dark rooms and long nights of hedonism, ‘Drumtaktics’ beats the command of revelry: Echoing resonance sweeps the upper halls of the chamber, and down on the floor insistent drum patterns demand energetic feet.

Inland brings Jamaica Suk and Ostgut-ton alumni Efdemin to Codeword at FOLD, London, on the 7th of February for one of the first Stream State tour events. Expect heat from the release, plus more unbound goodness from the performing artists.

‘Stream State’ is scheduled for release via Counterchange on 21 February 2020. Order a copy from Bandcamp. Inland is taking ‘Stream State’ on tour, with events scheduled to take place in Barcelona, London, Groningen, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Leipzig, Porto, Copenhagen, Montpellier, Tblisi and Acunsion. 


Record I
A1. Johanna Knutsson – Synthsakral
A2. Efdemin – Sequence 100
A3. Sophia Saze – Same Sane
B1. DJ Skull – Good Pain
B2. Patrik Skoog – Echophenomena

Record II
A1. Inland – Overthebrainbow
A2. Joel Mull – Cerritulus
B1. Arbitrage – HON
B2. Peter Van Hoesen – Twin Motive

Record III
A1. P. Lopez – Power G
A2. Perm – Busak
B1. Aiken – Second Law
B2. Jamaica Suk – Drumtaktics

Record IV
A1. Rhyw – Chisel
A2. Tripeo – Humble Bragging
B1. Fred Mann – Nacre
B2. Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit – MBDC 4
B3. Distant Echoes – Todo Muere

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