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Premiere: Kaap – Selbstüberwendung

Dutch upstarts De Lichting launch a VA release of two halves, featuring music from likeminded friends and family of the label. Queniv, RDS and Kaap take the reins for the first release, blending a range of genres as influences.

Our premiere arrives courtesy of Kaap’s ‘Selbstüberwendung’, a 4-minute breaks-filled haymaker indebted to chaotic yet precisely crafted 90’s DnB and jungle, evocative of the likes of peak-era Photek. Although the chops have a life of their own, and seem hardly controlled, Kaap keeps a firm hand on the wheel, sliding in smooth, ice-cold ambience to bring the track alive

The digital only release, with a limited edition poster of the artwork also available, featuring the waveforms of the release rendered via machine process into an enchanting artwork.

‘Drie Punt Één’ is released digitally on the 14th of August. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. queniv – 07042020
2. Kaap – Selbstüberwendung
3. RDS – Aro
4. queniv – Modular Test