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Premiere: Khotin – Dream Mentor

By now, Khotin’s competency in the field of woozy downbeat electronica and ambient has been well established. With ‘Finds You Well’ arriving via Ghostly International this year and the label also reissuing the initially self-released ‘Beautiful You’ in 2019, it’s doubtless that the US behemoth is helping the Edmonton-based artist reach a wider audience than ever before.

Newer listeners may be unaware of the producer’s capable hand when it comes to crafting more club-focused productions, which is what we’re presented with on his new EP for Public Release, a second serving for the imprint following 2018’s ‘Aloe Drink’.

Like that EP, ‘Dream Mentor’ is full of the sedative pads and melodic devices that make so much of Khotin’s music special. Unlike like the above-mentioned LPs for Ghostly International, his presentations for Public Release keep the dancers in mind.

On ‘Dream Mentor‘ a bouncy 4/4 framework underpins glistening pads that will sound familiar to long-time fans. However, despite some semblance to previous releases, ‘Dream Mentor’ is still a charming chapter in the Khotin story and it’s unlikely that we’ll be bored of the Canadian’s work any time soon.

‘Dream Mentor’ is scheduled for release 12 December via Public Release. Order a copy.


A1. Dream Mentor
A2. Service Provider
B1. Digital Field Trip
B2. Moon Over The Country Club