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Premiere: Mata Disk – Surrounder

Nous’klaer Audio have been behind some of the most exciting dance music around lately. Often, though not exclusively, the label has looked to Dutch talent (their name means “we’re ready for it” in a particular dialect) and they’ve assembled a potent and varied discography since starting up in 2013.

New label signee Mata Disk has been trying to record an EP for the past five years. However, each time the Rotterdam-based artist was close to completing a set of tracks, his tastes would shift, causing him to lose interest in his newly finished work.

The first complete set of tracks that’s retained the artist’s seal of approval, ‘Surrounder’ also feels in keeping with the kind of detail-orientated techno which has defined much of Nous’klaer Audio’s catalogue. Our pick is the EP’s title track, a propulsive and luminous cut that seems to fizz with excitement.

‘Surrounder’ is scheduled for release 24 January via Nous’klaer Audio. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Surrounder
2. Rez
3. Down the Slope
4. Chooser