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Premiere: Shaded Explorer – Selva

Naarm/Melbourne-based Mirror Tapes launch their label project with ‘Mirror Tapes Worldwide‘ – a 12 track collection of material from artists across the globe that eludes to the kinds of goodness yet to come on the new label.

Featuring Inverted Audio ambient favourite Florian T M Zeisig, Brighton-based Caldera, Forest on Stasys from over in Argentina and Queniv from the De Lichting crew based out of Utrecht, ‘Mirror Tapes Worldwide‘ collates music from some of the most exciting producers working in the field of warm electronic music of all persuasions, at times lilting towards the club, at times veering towards the sofa.

Our premiere is from producer and mastering engineer Shaded Explorer, from the mountainous north-east of Italy. His offering, ‘Selva‘, twists elements of deep and winding techno in amongst tactile percussion and echoing warmth, seemingly reflecting the pastural landscapes of his origin. All elements combine to build a time-stretching passage of music, inundated with crevices and pockets of groove to find yourself lost in.

‘Mirror Tapes Worldwide’ is scheduled for release 25 January via Mirror Tapes. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Контур Сс – Аяуа́ска на Транс Балу
2. Konstantin Mutagen – KWRK
3. Merino – Portrait
4. Kato De Vidts – Seconds of Space
5. Experimental Housewife – Camphor Dancehall
6. Caldera – Endless Roots
7. Queniv – In the Midst
8. Shaded Explorer – Selva
9. Citizen Maze – Glass Island
10. KiTA – Lens of Clay
11. Forest on Stasys – Kabata
12. Florian T M Zeisig – AU