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Premiere: MermaidS – Raising The Altar

MermaidS inaugurate their More Ritual label with a 4-track EP that encompasses the scope of their deep, psychedelic sound.

Cultish fire-circle vibes throughout, the whole EP channels the diversity of influences the pair bring to their Netil Radio show of the same name. More Ritual marks a fresh chapter for the pair after a series of 12″s released in years past, with fresh concoctions from their London lab served up on hot wax.

The first slab comes straight out of a jungle god evocation ceremony, the lush artwork decorating the sleeve only deepening the connection. “More Ritual” could hardly be more applicable than on the B-side opener ‘Raising The Altar’, which grafts pagan drum energy onto interdimensional rolling low-end via its triumphant horn section.

‘More Ritual 001’ is out now. Order a copy from Phonica Records.


1. Crystal Eyes
2. Find The Light
3. Raising The Altar
4. Gilded Key