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Premiere: Metropolitan Soul Museum – Cayenne

London-based duo Metropolitan Soul Museum (aka MSM) prepare to release their ‘Coutout‘ EP on Lyssna Records from Adam Strömstedt, Mo Lecular, and Flord King, marking the sixth release on the Swedish label.

The EP furthers the pair’s exploration into dance music with warmth and colour — worlds apart from the rough and industrial, MSM’s sound is sunshine-licked and smooth, thick with atmosphere and groove. This isn’t to say there isn’t energy, however, which tracks like ‘Cayenne‘ prove.

Cayenne‘ closes the A-side of the 12-inch with washes of soothing ambient synths flowing over a bubbling beat, evocative of those of the Vancouver school of downtempo/techno hybrids. The track remains spread out and unhurried, weaving around a constant warm ambient melody as it stretches out for the calm and cinematic finale.

‘Coutout EP’ is scheduled for release 5 November via Lyssna Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Coutout
2. Cayenne
3. Summer 1909
4. Derrière le miroir