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Premiere: PARC – Silk Road

As time flies milestones are there to remind you of the transience and evanescent nature of all accomplishment. Since its initial purpose of commemorating 100% Silk‘s hundredth release – quite an achievement in itself – ‘Sensate Silk‘ has de-facto grown into a much more vital release after the tragic 2016 Oakland warehouse fire that broke out at Ghost Ship during a 100% Silk showcase and stole the lives of 36 people, amongst which beloved musicians Cherushii and Nackt.

Featuring light-diffusing contributions from a worldwide connection of underground artists, new and confirmed – Keita Sano, Cromie, Sage Caswell, Inoue Shirabe, Jack Novin, Donny, Badia, PARC, Helios Mode, Nackt, Westcoast Goddess – the compilation stretches over from Okayama to Berlin, England to Echo Park, Boston to British Columbia but instead of ever feeling patched or fragmentary, what strikes is its unity and cohesiveness.

Our pick, PARC‘s ‘Silk Road‘ encompasses the compilation’s many-sided and nuanced character with a sheer sense of plenitude. As expanding rhizomes of prismatic pads unclose and suffuse into an ocean of light, blinding and beautiful, a roiling shuffle breaks the fullness of its lush hypnagogic haze. Call it balmy, sense-pleasing downtempo or poolside ambient house, this one’s chock-full with vibey textures to dip into.

100% Silk are hosting ‘Rest In Power: an Oakland Fire relief gathering’ tonight 26th January at The Regent in Los Angeles. Lineup includes live sets by Pharaohs + Maria Minerva + Roche-sf + Magic Touch + Leech (aka Brian Foote), plus DJ action by Sage Caswell + Cromie + Jen Ferrer. Free 100% Silk vinyl bundles to the first 40 people through the door. More info here

Sensate Silk is released via 100% Silk on 27th January, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Keita Sano – With The Lights
2. Cromie – She Knew
3. Sage Caswell – Take A Day Call Back Later
4. Inoue Shirabe – Window Lights
5. Jack Novin – Mass Ave
6. Donny – Roses
7. Badia – Monoto
8. PARC – Silk Road
9. Helios Mode – When Love Wins
10. Nackt – Rising Tide
11. Westcoast Goddess – Untitled Soul ’98

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