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Premiere: Pattrn – Katano (Sebastian Mullaert’s Second Link)

Sebastian Mullaert lends his strength to Initiate Records‘ sophomore release, ‘Bridges‘, which is delivered courtesy of Pattrn. Mullaert bends the ambient & field recording roots of ‘Katano’ into a writhing, dubbed techno cut for his ‘Second Link‘ remix.

Initiate Records, a new label seeking to distinguish themselves from the generic and the regular, minted their label in May last year with a release from Hesh and Oliver Si, and now turn to DJ and producer Pattrn for their follow-up EP, ‘Bridges‘.

Pattrn’s diversity of inspiration is a subtle but felt presence on the record, with quiet corners illluminated by splashes of found-sounds and microcosmic production, adding tiers and density to what could have been a simple affair. ‘Katano‘ balances the hemispheres of ambient and field recording, a subtle track of journeying composition that bears parallel with magical realist imaginings of augmented everyday life.

Sebastian Mullaert’s prolific career in electronic music is well documented, and his work with Pattrn’s original piece sees him apply that experience to the mysterious and emphatic closure of ‘Katano‘, twisting it into a 9-minute odyssey into treacle-thick sound design and smooth-edged morphing shadows.

‘Bridges’ EP is out now via Initiate Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ashdown
2. Katano
3. Erd – Echinghen
4. Rosa
5. Katano (Sebastian Mullaert’s second link)
6. Katano (Sebastian Mullaert’s third link)