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Premiere: Pera Sta Ori – CIN1 (Kamila Govorčin Remix)

Dutch label Musar prepare to release their next record from Greek sound artist George Kontogiannidi, known artistically as ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ — Pera Sta Ori in the Latin alphabet, translating to “Behind the Mountains”.

After releases on widely lauded labels such as Brokntoys, Pera’s latest EP ‘IMMI‘, an abbreviated form of ‘immigrant‘ and a dedication to displaced people worldwide, sees the artist expanding his broad-scope approach to electronic music, drawing from influences from IDM and breakbeat across the EP.

Our premiere comes courtesy of Chilean musician Kamila Govorčin, who twists the downtempo leanings of ‘CIN1‘ into a medley of chopped-up percussion and off-centre rhythm.

It’s club-leaning, with spacious smatterings of drums echoing in a reverb chamber, but it stretches itself away from typicality and convention, catching the listener off-guard with sporadic bursts of energy here, and almost-empty stretches there. A unique and strong pairing of musical minds, resulting in certifiable dance music for the strange.

‘IMMI’ is scheduled for release 23 April via Musar. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


2. CIN1
3. CIN1 (Kamila Govorčin Remix)