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Premiere: pH 1 – Infinite Pressure

Originally active from 1995 to 1998, Copehagen imprint Multiplex was eventually given a new kiss of life by label co-founder Mr. Kong and collaborator Daniel Kaarill two years ago, opening a whole new chapter in the history book of Denmark’s ever-effervescing underground scene, with labels like Courtesy’s Kulør, Petrola 80 and Aarhus crew Regelbau heading the effort on international stages these days.

Fresh off the drop of Orlando Voorn’s second-ever release as Ultra – an archival EP made up of six unreleased cuts completed in 1998, shortly before the label’s initial shutdown, this time Multiplex hand the reins over to one of Regelbau’s core eleven, member of Hi Mount with Central and Sports, and dancefloor vibist by trade – pH 1.

Our premiere ‘Inifinite Pressure‘ applies quite the exact opposite feel than its title suggests. Shimmering textures, pensive synths and laid-back poolside rhythms merge into puddles of aqueous tranquility, intricate drums beating a dynamic pulse as ethereal vox pads, dubby FXs and languidly delayed envelopes wrap us up into warm folds and velveteen pleats, as caressed by the tender beams of a sweet-tempered summer sun. An exquisite piece of hazed-out ambient house.

Lucid EP is released via Multiplex on May 13th, pre-order a copy from Rush Hour.


A1. Time Of Day
A2. Infinite Pressure
A3. Bonafide Platter
B1. Make Your Reality (Titonton Duvanté FLiP)
B2. Make Your Reality

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