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Renate with André Bratten, Christopher Rau, Innershades, Sabine Hoffmann, S Ruston

On Saturday 18 May, Renate invite Norwegian producer André Bratten to perform a rare live set at the Berlin club alongside Smallville Records mainstay Christopher Rau, Belgium producer Innershades and OYE Records’ very own Sabine Hoffmann.

André Bratten will perform upstairs in the Green Room, touching on IDM as well as wave and disco. Christopher Rau is set to inject his notably deep explorations of house music into the Red Room, whilst Innershades and Sabine Hoffman perform downstairs in the Black Room, joining the dots between acid, electro and techno.

Support on the night arrives courtesy of Savour The Moment kingpin Marlon Hoffstadt, Bobby, S Ruston, Bianca Alexis, Ivan Berko and Die Schnelle Nummer. Buckle in, this will be one hell of a ride.

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