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Premiere: Private Agenda – Sea Life (Mark Barrott Vocal Mix)

Some releases carry a blindingly obvious remixing potential, and Private Agenda‘s recent standout LP, ‘Île de Rêve‘, certainly triggered quite some fantasies in our thirsty minds. So, seeing International Feel Recordings boss Mark Barrott hop on remix duty with not one, not two, but three versions (vocal, dub and acappella) of one of the album’s finest cuts, ‘Sea Life‘, was sure bound to get us on alert.

Premiereing through our channels today, Barrott’s full on absorbing vocal mix has us smooth gliding from the cerulean sky’s vaporous heights to brightly coloured secret underwater caves in slo-mo. Stone-washed pads, distant vox calls and balearic pop riffs interlace with intricate layers of subtly verbed-out tribal percs for just over ten minutes of absolute beach music bliss. Just let your mind wander and your body drift, this is ambient house at its most divinely lush and obsessive.

The Space Between Swells is out now, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Aura (Max Essa Extended Vocal Mix)
2. Aura (Max Essa Dub Mix)
3. Sea Life (Mark Barrott Vocal Mix)
4. Sea Life (Mark Barrott Dub Mix)
5. Sea Life (Mark Barrott Accapella Mix)
6. Aura (Original)
7. Sea Life (Original)

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