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Premiere: Rabih Beaini – Circle

Up next on Tokyo via Berlin-based experimental platform REITEN is ‘ENSō 2020′ – a compilation showcasing the diverse cast of musicians that were set to perform at the first edition of Ensō Festival, which was set to take place between 10-12 April 2020 until COVID-19 messed those plans up.

ENSō 2020′ presents 13 tracks of hyper-experimental and avant-garde music from the likes of Renick Bell, Yves De May, Tobias., ENA, Katsunori Sawa, plus REITEN label founder Kosei Fukuda and Lebanese musician Rabih Beaini.

‘Circle’ is an 8-minute journey through decaying, fractured electro-acoustic soundscapes; tangible dread drips from the peaks of scratched-out frequencies and settles in dark pools of latent fear. The all-encompassing sound design shudders as it encroaches steadily upon a visceral endpoint, wracked with coarse blasts from cursed and manipulated wind instruments.

‘ENSō 2020’ is scheduled for release 24 July via REITEN. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Kosei Fukuda – 円窓 – ENSō
2. Uchi – Zro
3. YPY – Circulation
4. Recent Arts – My Default Emotion
5. Renick Bell – Organize and Unite
6. MA + Kosei Fukuda – 円相ノ間(ふるつき)- ENSō no MA (FURUTSUKI)
7. Yves De Mey – The Chosen Home
8. Tobias. – He Turned Into Him
9. Katsunori Sawa – The Stonewall
10. Yuji Kondo – Zenith
11. Rabih Beaini – Circle
12. ENA – 42.1
13. Lemna – Moments In Eternal Recurrence