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Premiere: Black Devil Disco Club – Sweet Sins (Abul Mogard Remix)

Lo Recordings line up ‘The Last Cut Is The Deepest‘, the final iteration in a series of remixes of Black Devil Disco Club featuring the exceptional talents of both Abul Mogard and Pye Corner Audio.

Abul Mogard’s rework of ‘Sweet Sins‘ is an 11-minute vertical plunge into abyssal frequencies, deriving the wealth of its force from a dub-reminiscent repeating bassline, sustained throughout with no modification.

Sweet Sins’ delicate chemistry is activated with the application of the rising and falling surges of ferric ambience and reverb-fractured vocals. At its zenith the effect is all-encompassing, a barrier of sound devastating in depth — but not without the quietly emotional touch inherent to Mogard’s work.

‘The Last Cut Is The Deepest’ is scheduled for release 10 August. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Berliner Atoll (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
2. Sweet Sins (Abul Mogard Remix)