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Giles Smith & James Priestley lean on community to Save Secretsundaze

Operating independently for the past 20 years, Secretsundaze have launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to save the iconic London-based party series from disappearing from the scene.

Launched in 2002 at the loft space at 93 Feat East, Secretsundaze was established so that Giles Smith and James Priestley could gather their friends together and play records that they loved in a setting that wasn’t in the confines of a traditional environment in terms of kicking out time. By the summer of 2003 they were hitting a thousand people attending their events with queues snaking into Brick Lane.

Today, Secretsundaze is a lot more than a party; it’s a record label, with nearly 50 releases, and a community music studio, which gives affordable access to local music makers. They’ve hosted events all over London including Oval Space, The Pickle Factory, Studio 338, Tola, FOLD and even at the Saatchi Gallery. Now they’re reaching out to their community to help Save Secretsundaze.

“90% of our income is generated from live events. Without that income, we are simply unable to support the team of people who work incredibly hard to help us do what we do. Unlike many other businesses we are still uncertain when that income will return. On top of that, last month, we had to vacate our studio space, our last modest revenue stream that was able to operate during the crisis, to make way for yet another East End property development.

Money raised through this campaign will help keep the Secretsundaze world alive and will go towards securing a new studio, where we’ll create a learning centre that will allow us to formally train and mentor young people wishing to learn how to make and play electronic music.

With the support you show Save Secretsundaze, we enter into a commitment to continue to do things for the right reason, striving for excellence and fairness, operating our business in an environmentally sustainable way and giving people opportunities that for some, might not be so easy to come by. If you’ve ever danced to one of our sets, raved at one of our parties, bought any of our records, passed through our studio or are simply passionate about dance music then please consider donating whatever you can afford. Any support you can show would mean the world to us.”