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Premiere: Regis – No Love From Above

The EPM Music label’s 20th birthday celebrations had a hidden surprise waiting for us: an EP of archival material from the studio of UK techno pioneer and Downwards co-founder Regis.

After being treated to a trilogy of EPs from the likes of The Advent, Robert Hood and James Ruskin, ‘Beyond The Reach Of Time‘ gives us three tracks from the inimitable producer, dating back to before the turn of the millenium. For some reason or another, the stars didn’t align for releasing at the time, but time seems to hold no sway over these tracks, each transporting the listener back into that period of the producer’s past.

Long time fans of Regis, then, are in for a treat, with the classic UK techno sound remaining as untouched and untamed as ever. The undulating kickdrums on other Regis tracks of the era make themselves heard on the opening track, ‘No Love From Above‘, a rough-edged and track with that 90’s industrial tinge and melody, but with enough groove in the bassline and wavering percussion to keep your feet moving.

Archival pressings can run the risk of landing on the wrong side of nostalgia, but Regis’ timeless talents make for a heavyweight plate no matter the era. Fans of the anthemic closer ‘Beyond The Reach Of Time Part 2‘ can find the first part also via EPM, as part of a larger compilation celebrating the label’s two decades in operation.

Beyond The Reach Of Time EP’ is scheduled for release 12 November via EPM Music. order a copy from Rubadub.  


1. No Love From Above
2. At The Side Of Silence
3. Beyond The Reach Of Time (Part 2)