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Premiere: rkss ‘Load’

Following on from the recent Karen Gwyer/Beatrice Dillon split, London based label Alien Jams is set to release Cutoff by rkss.

rkss’ striking blend of glitch, sound art and dance music forms has seen releases on Where To Now?, Seagrave and Reject and Fade in the last few years. “Cutoff EP” however, presents perhaps the warmest, most direct sounds yet heard from the London based artist. Its combination of glowing reverb soaked pads, housey kicks and twisted electronic detritus coming across like Wolfgang Voigt played through a futurist filter.

It continues Alien Jams’ remarkable knack of finding and pushing eccentric, off kilter and stunningly unique electronic music. Cutoff will be the label’s fifth release, following vinyl from Ommm, Design a Wave, Marreck and the Gwyer/Dillon split.

The four tracks off “Cutoff” were recorded over a fortnight, using nothing more than a Juno-60 and Vermona Retroverb Lancet to conjur its aquarian dream-like electronics, soggy percussion and glistening chimes.¬†Featured track ‘Load‘ rounds off the EP, bringing together many of the ideas explored throughout.

A stumbling, drunken bass line bounces away over relentless kicks; the whole track drenched in droplets of crackle. The percussion is sparse, with no superfluous hi-hats or snares obscuring the remorseless groove. Drones, splashes and twitches of synth pierce the muddy soup of the track, bending around the beat and adding a unpredictable counterpoint to the repetitive, dancey core.

Alien Jams celebrate the release of “Cutoff EP” at Rye Wax in Peckham on 5th October 2016, for more info check Facebook.

rkss Cutoff EP comes out on limited 12 inch vinyl and download on 30th September. Preorders are available from Bandcamp.


1. Cutoff
2. Wave
3. Drive
4. Load

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