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Premiere: Saile – What I Feel (Christopher Rau Remix)

A year down the line from it’s inception, Smallville Records’ sub-label Down By The Lake are readying their third 12″ and first release of the year, Saile’sMoments in Life’. Following on the heels of last year’s “In The End“, this one’s made up of three “timeless house cuts for eternity” that soulfully exude a certain authenticity and warmth. It’s a welcome dose of understated, nostalgic house music, built to soothe the soul in uncertain times.

We’re happy to premiere an electrifying remix from ‘Moments In Life’, by fellow Smallville associate Christopher Rau. Bringing up the energy just a little higher than the rest of the EP, it’s a spirited endeavour that nonetheless segues perfectly with the record’s coolly timeless vibe. Sparkling synthesizers, wonky percussion, oddball sonics – it’s got Rau’s signature funk all over it, inspiring more than a little excitement over here at IA for his upcoming full-length on M$R.

“Moments In Life” is out later this month via Down By The Lake, order a vinyl copy from Phonica.


1. But They Don’t Know
2. Moments In Life
3. What I Feel (Christpher Rau Remix)
4. What I Feel

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