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Premiere: San Proper & Antal – Sweet Nightmare

October sees an absolutely mammoth compilation arrive from Dutch record label Indigo Aera. Run by Maarten Mittendorff and Jasper Wolff, it is yet another fine example of the exemplary purist exponents from the area, focusing on Detroit inspired techno. Now coming to its fifth birthday, the imprint are celebrating by pulling together some of techno’s finest artists across a huge five disc box set.

Each disc is based around a specific mood – rhythm, funk, spirit, soul and transformation – and touches on ghostly jazz from Daniel Jacques, outright hands in the air techno from Phase, dreamy ambience from Antigone, and to the weird broken aqua of Archetype’s Charles Noel.

Indigo Aera Box Set
Indigo Aera Box Set Booklet

Take a moment to check out ‘Sweet Nightmare‘ from San Proper and Antal of Rush Hour fame, premiering here. An easy pick for a highlight, its arcing bassline and emotive strings swap positions with heads down tribalism over the course of the track.

Lost Archives Special is available as a box set special edition from Delsin’s webshop, numbered along with a 150 page art book. The compilation will also be available as five stand-alone EP releases.


Disc 1 – The Rhythm (AERA016.1)
1-a1. Yamaoka – Dragon Robe
1-a2. Skudge – November
1-b1. Museum – Ra
1-b2. Jasper Wolff – Float
Disc 2 – The Funk (AERA016.2)
2-a1. Makam – Psilocybin Research 2004
2-a2. Don Williams – Solutions
2-b1. San Proper & Antal – Sweet Nightmare
2-b2. Daniel Jacques – Paltkoma
Disc 3 – The Spirit (AERA016.3)
3-a1. Ø[Phase] – Katino III
3-a2. Deniro – Rotate
3-b1. Maarten Mittendorff – Futura
3-b2. Louis Haiman – Going Home
Disc 4 – The Soul (AERA016.4)
4-a1. Antigone – Lonely Places
4-a2. Sterac – Nexea
4-b1. Stephen Brown – Meditation
Disc 5 – The Transformation (AERA016.5)
5-a1. Joris Voorn – 500 Models (Demo Mix)
5-b1. Charles Noel (Archetype) – Untitled
5-b2. Bambounou – Weak Emotions

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