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Premiere: Schwefelgelb – Horizont

Berlin EBM/Techno duo Schwefelgelb make a welcome return to releasing music with ‘Der Rest Der Nacht‘ EP, their second outing on their n-PLEX label. Featuring four original cuts, rounded off with a rough-as-old-nails Randomer remix of ‘Wie Viel Haut‘, the record makes for some of the Berlin duo’s most club-centric material to date.

Not to say that their previous outings on the likes of Aufnahme & Wiedergabe don’t make the grade for dancefloor sets: Schwefelgelb’s modernistic melding of EBM and techno have always belonged, at heart, on sweaty dancefloors in dark nightclubs, but until now they’ve always managed to build a rare bridge between the club and more versatile music, refreshing the sometimes-tired industrial EBM aesthetic into something new and relevant.

As much as we love the brutal aesthetic of their back catalogue, we’re delighted to hear them lean even more into the ‘floor, and ‘Der Rest Der Nacht‘ will no doubt take the fancy of selectors looking to add raw and unfiltered cathartic outbursts to a set.

Horizont‘ sees the pair cut up their EBM formula into exactly this full-tilt material. It’s sometimes difficult to remember that this is material to be played live on machines, not structured on a DAW after days of painstaking tweaking. Harrowing bass stabs, reverberating German vocals, clamouring, frenetic drums and fevered harmonies might well be Schwefelgelb’s long-standing trademark, but on ‘Horizont‘ the tactic is sharpened to a point more vicious than ever before.

‘Der Rest Der Nacht’ is scheduled for release 28 May via n-PLEX. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Impulskörper
2. Lichtenberg-Figur
3. Wie Viel Haut
4. Horizont
5. Wie Viel Haut (Randomer Remix) [Digital Bonus Track]