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Premiere: Solitary Dancer – Test Dream [Devisualization]

Following records on Optimo Tracks and Dark Entries, Solitary Dancer’s very own Private Possessions label releases ‘Postlude‘, a hazed memory of their brooding debut LP, ‘Rites of Passage‘.

The single selects three cuts from the album for a detailed showcase. Where the first two cuts toe the line between suitability for the club and for the wind down after it, the B-side gives space for a full 15-minute reinterpretation of ‘Test Dream’.

The soft, rolling loops of the original are subjected to something like slow torture: with each iteration more and more of the audio is steadily scraped away using sound degradation techniques.

The effect (which summons comparison with Basinski’sDisintegration Loops“) pairs perfectly with the dream-state, softly melancholic ambience. Although long, the journey passes in a grey blur as the curtains fall on the piece in slow motion, showing us that the destruction of music can sound just as beautiful as it’s creation.

‘Potslude’ is scheduled for release 21 February. Order a copy on Bandcamp.


1. An Angel For Everyone
2. Getting Reacquainted With Myself
3. Test Dream [Devisualization]

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