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Premiere: Stanislav Tolkachev – Not Long For This World

Corridor Audio, a Ukrainian collective releasing diverse forms of techno, with a focus on music from members of their country, have prepared a mammoth 25-track compilation entitled ‘Global Modular Traffic (IDOW edition)‘.

With proceeds generated from the release being sent to the Waveshaper Media community, an online modular community based out of Toronto, and the ‘I Dream Of Wires‘ video project, which creates insightful videos into modular synthesis, the release looks to support the cultural growth and expansion of the modular synthesis community within the Ukraine and across the world.

Across the 25 tracks we’re treating to some blistering techno, alongside stranger frequencies for further away from the club setting, with tracks from Corridor-released artists such as Voin Oruwu, Vaxoid, and Splinter (UA) decorating the sonic landscape of the release.

We’re happy to share Ukrainian techno maestro Stanislav Tolkachev’s submission to the project, ‘Not Long For This World‘. Whilst far from the heaviest or most-danceworthy track on the release, Tolkachev’s track displays the beautiful complexity of modular synthesis at it’s finest. Rich mechanical rhythms meet with twittering machinations and wild, coruscating bursts of resonance and light: a perfect analogue of the modular medium itself, and its contradictory natures of complexity and simplicity.

‘Global Modular Traffic (IDOW edition)’ is scheduled for release 11 May via Corridor Audio. Order a copy from Bandcamp. 


1. Friedensreich – Last Time I Said Last Time
2. Vaxoid – Schezarium
3. Stanislav Tolkachev – Not Long For This World
4. Sofus Forsberg – Helix Tesseract
5. Louwave – Walls
6. Porteix – G.A.B.I
7. dc11 – Jazzy Jazz
8. EMIT – Noism
9. Albert Chiovenda – The Keys Struck Twice
10. Friedensreich – Several Stolen Things
11. Danilenko – You dont have reasons to distrust
12. Vaxoid – …ssng
13. Vela Uniform – Thorax Pulsation
14. ASEC – Cast All Your Anxieties On Him
15. Splinter (UA) – Triet
16. Yanamaste – Drone
17. Keikari – Frozen Soul
18. Hakan Çepni – Marchosias
19. OTHK – Livewire
20. Exsiderurgica – Alveare
21. Vlaysin – Rage
22. Øperat – The face of pain
23. D. Carbone – Preacher
24. Hakan Çepni – Seal Of Astaroth
25. Danilenko – Cycle of Dissapointment