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Premiere: The Jaffa Kid – Placi

Following releases from DMX Krew, DJ Lifegoals and space junglist Marius Mane, London via Helsinki-based imprint Cold Blow line up a special 5-year anniversary compilation – celebrating the finest Scandinavian nightlife innovators.

Featuring regulars Larry Neverheard, BAKK’s Halvtrak, DJ Uiju and Utter’s offshoot The Jaffa Kid. Consisting of 15- tracks, ‘Cold Blow: 5Y and Still Blowing’ spans dreamy house ballads, sweltering acid, industrial cold wave and abyssal techno. There might be no faster method to defrost your car windows than this sound constellation.

Our pick from the release is ‘Placi‘ – a mesmerising dervish brain-dance interpreted by the Newcastle-based producer Daniel Pringle – better known as The Jaffa Kid. A plastic dream were rhythms are stripped back to raw and rugged drum pads, inviting distant synth chords and an overarching elegance anchoring the piece within the IDM tradition.

‘Cold Blow: 5Y and Still Blowing’ is scheduled for release on 3rd November via Cold Blow. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ruusuvuori – Real Time
2. Matti Turunen – Antilon
3. Halvtrak – Elemental Music
4. Qwerty & EDMX – Full Ranks
5. Electro Music Union – Beatbox ’86
6. Forehard & Larry Neverheard – Take 2
7. DJ Uijui & Windom – Tribute to DJ Skull
8. Sleep Mathew – Cripple Fabric
9. The Jaffa Kid – Placi
10. Otto Taimela – Reborn
11. Mono Junk – Tahti
12. Marius Mane – Inuti Djungeln
13. DJ Lifegoals – Plees
14. Qeta – Desrelle
15. Atonal – Track 10