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Premiere: Tout Casser – Massive Edit of Non-periodic Signals Occurring in the Fifth Layer

A family-run affair dedicated to showcasing the many talents of local affiliates, Swiss imprint Brainwaves showed, through a string of much finely executed and curated solo EPs and VAs, a maturity rarely seen amongst up-and-coming labels.

Having got us into the swing of things with a fine debut effort, ‘Mosfet EP‘, back in late 2018, rising electro producer Tout Casser makes a strong comeback this year with ‘Horodateur‘ – a nuancedly poetic journey into the AI’s secret zone, where the robots’ dreaming patterns are born and their navigational mapping, put to the test.

A droid fantasy matrix in its own right, our pick ‘Massive Edit…‘ engineers the most delectable mix of pulsating rhythms and oneiric abstraction, ushering us into a throbbing maelstrom of 3D-rendered organic impressions, reminiscent of classic Bochumwelt’s widescreen soul-whelmers and Richard D. James’ hybrid ambient space cruisers a la ‘Alspacka‘. Belter package from stem to stern, don’t sleep.

Horodateur is released via Brainwaves on 31st October, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Horodateur
2. Presto Presto
3. Broken What
4. Massive Edit of Non-periodic Signals Occurring in the Fifth Layer
5. Club Track

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