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Premiere: Viers – A Moment In The Machine

There was the mother ship Shall Not Fade and its offshoots SNF White and Lost Palms, now you can add Dream Of Dystopia to the Bristol imprint’s list of avatars and incarnations – even though this time the artistic direction seems to have taken a more autonomous bend, with a cover art that digs deep into the universe of Egyptian mythology.

The label’s inaugural iteration unsurprisingly comes from one of Shall Not Fade’s closest collaborator, i.e. Jordon Saxton – who you certainly better know as Viers or LK. Donning a well apt title, ‘A Moment In The Machine‘ takes you straight into a transdimensional matrix where wistful pads unfurl like blithe memories and unflinching 4/4 mechanics pump out fire from their sizzling pistons. The title-track – which you can now stream in full through our channels, is an extra-fine slice of horizontal techno momentum tinged with a superior emotional spurt. Rise up!

A Moment In The Machine is released via Dream Of Dystopia on 14th July, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. A Moment In The Machine
A2. Nothing Beats Rock
B1. Eth
B2. Jesus Wept

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