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Premiere: Vina Konda – S.N.C Modulation

Lyon’s Comic Sans Records have long been one of our favourite underground labels, ever pushing their singular sound forwards. Their latest blast, ‘Osseous Labyrinth‘, courtesy of Vina Konda, sees them leap further forwards than we’ve seen yet.

With a humorous approach that belies the quality future-dancefloor weaponry they release, Comic Sans are an antidote to the bulk of straight-faced output from most labels around today. On the face of it, you might think the material isn’t worth your time, an assumption as wildly incorrect as it gets: if you’re not familiar with Comic Sans, now’s the time to start paying attention.

For a relatively small label, stepping from the safety of digital releases into the brave world of vinyl shows something of the confidence Comic Sans have in Vina Konda’s EP, and we mirror the sentiment: blinding sound design, top-calibre dancefloor grooves and hyperspeed flashes of punishing kicks war with glycerine ambience in an exploration of sound as a biological process, not one relating to physics.

S.N.C Modulation‘ demonstrates this with lethal capacity: furious percussion and euphoric overtones hammer out the intro like a scratched trance CD in a club CDJ developing consciousness. Stuck on an everlasting escalator going up, the track creeps slowly towards a peak high that remains fractionally out of reach, leaving all the more time for chaotic, whole-body dancing. Material for the future, delivered now.

‘Osseous Labyrinth’ is scheduled for delivery 21 May via Comic Sans. Order a copy from Bandcamp.  

1. Vina Konda – (-C-O-(O)P(O)-O-C-)
2. Vina Konda – Melting E. coli
3. Vina Konda – All_inh(ALL)e
4. Vina Konda – S.N.C Modulation
5. Vina Konda – SKIP IN 5 Seconds
6. Vina Konda – >0>