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Premiere: War – One Question

Prague’s Yuku store and label continue their sound explorations with ‘Blue Gold‘, a compilation EP which sees three artists — Alex Banks, War, and woulg — showcasing two tracks each.

Yuku aren’t afraid to do things a little differently to other labels, and marrying this trio of artists together is one example of how they seek to provide a different experience with their output. From Alex Banks’ peak-time rave-inspired tracks, to woulg’s psychedelic dancefloor cuts, there is a broad spectrum of textures on offer across ‘Blue Gold‘.

War’s ‘One Question‘ sees the record take a dip in the dub techno pool. Driven forward by an insistent beat, something like a straightened-out melding of house and garage percussion templates, the track carries plenty of swing from UKG, but also the forward-tilt of house. Below this lurks the bassline, carrying artefacts of that Basic Channel sound but morphed and shaped into something coming from the modern age, with notes of early UK dubstep. Hybrid styles for the wide-spectrum listeners.

‘Blue Gold’ is out now via Yuku. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Artwork by Felix Rothschild.


1. Alex Banks – Vire
2. Alex Banks – Awake
3. woulg – Steady
4. woulg – I Will Stop
5. War – One Question
6. War – Twice Removed